Theme tours

Tours which have a purpose. Adding taste to general sightseeing you will experience cultural exchange programmes and events according to the theme of your tour. Arranged all over Europe and Asia.

As a GEONET Theme Tour client, you will receive the following services (minimum arrangement):

  • 24 hour customer service
  • quotation of your itinerary within 2 working days, except when informed of delay
  • group photo and an original CD-ROM presenting a short movie of your trip to be sent to you afterwards
  • tour conductor who accompanies your group from the beginning to the end of your arrangement
  • flexible itinerary suggestions, professional advise for requested arrangements

Incoming Ground Handling

  • Hotel reservations
  • Transfer reservations (luxury coaches, limousines, rent a car, horse drawn carriages, ferries, nostalgic locomotion)
  • Sightseeing (entrances, licensed guides in your preferred language, vehicles)
  • Assistances, musicians, various artists, guests
  • Ticket reservation (concert, entrances, entertainment)
  • Banquet and catering reservation
  • Restaurant reservation
  • Other ground handling according to the individual request