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The Gateway to Eurasia

GEONET destination management GmbH is a film location management agency as well as an incentives and incoming agency for Europe and Asia which works professionally and hard bringing together people from different backgrounds, improving cultural understanding through creating interesting event programmes as well as offering a wide range of business plans in the areas of interest. We listen carefully to each individual wishes, aiming to bring the absolute best for the clients.

GEONET Services


GEONET is prepared to listen and work hard on bringing our customer’s personal wishes and dreams come true. Let us know if you have any plans or ideas for individual or group travelling. Whether if it is home staying and studying abroad, scuba diving in the most beautiful sea with an underwater castle, meditating in an Asian temple, attending a baroque costume party, learning how to ride a gondola, becoming a “princess”, experiencing a “fantasy” adventure in real life, visiting unusual places, holding your personal concert, meeting people who you have always wanted to… GEONET believes that nothing is impossible.